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[UPDATE] LGBT groups receive Georgia Council for the Arts grants

Out on Film announces opening and closing filmsOut on Film, Atlanta's annual LGBTQ film festival, announced this morning it had received a grant from the Georgia Council for the Arts. Atlanta Freedom Bands, the city's gay and lesbian band, has also been awarded a grant, according to the GCA.

The funds are appropriated for fiscal year 2014.

“We are ecstatic,” Jim Farmer, Out On Film’s festival director, said today via a media release. “Not only is this a tremendous financial gift but a real boost of confidence. We are grateful for the Georgia Council for the Arts’ continued support of what we do.”

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Two hearings on pro-gay bills cited as progress for conservative Gold Dome

Karla Drenner

As the Georgia General Assembly adjourned its annual 40-day session, the only specifically LGBT bill to pass this year was a resolution honoring the Atlanta Freedom Bands — and even that caused controversy.

Introduced by state Rep. Karla Drenner (D-Avondale Estates), one of three openly gay members of the General Assembly, the resolution was similar to those routinely passed every day to honor an organization or individual, with one exception.

“This bill had LGBT in there … I thought it was really innocuous,” Drenner said. “I worked on it to make it palatable for everybody and I removed everything that could be deemed to be inflammatory except LGBT.”