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Local lesbian attorney Kathleen Womack elected to state bar’s Board of Governors

Kathleen WomackLocal lesbian attorney Kathleen Womack has been elected to the State Bar of Georgia's Board of Governors, according to the organization.

Womack, a past president of the Stonewall Bar Association and former chair of Georgia Equality's Board of Directors, was named to the State Bar of Georgia in 2011 but won election for the first time in April.

Her election may just be the first time an openly gay or lesbian attorney was elected to the state bar.

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Atlanta gay voter files ethics complaint in state judicial race

A gay Atlanta voter filed an ethics complaint against Fulton Magistrate Judge Melynee Leftridge on Wednesday accusing Leftridge of an “apparent elaborate scheme to funnel some $18,500 to a company responsible for maintaining a website” that features “pictures of scantly clad women.”

But Leftridge counters that the company she paid — Pirouette Companies — provides legitimate campaign services, and notes it has also been used by several other candidates, including openly gay State Rep. Simone Bell.

Leftridge faces openly gay attorney Jane Morrison in a non-partisan race for an open Fulton County State Court seat to be decided in the primary just five days away. Morrison could not immediately be reached for comment on the complaint against her opponent.

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Attorney for Alpharetta teen defends client after accusations of lying arise online

Reuben Lack, his father and attorney

The attorney for the Alpharetta teen who's suing his high school over his removal from his position as the school's student body president says that his client's name is being “dragged through the mud” and accuses some students of Alpharetta High School of bullying his client on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

In a statement released over the weekend, James Radford says that he and his client, Reuben Lack, may have been overwhelmed by the attention that Lack's lawsuit has generated. Lack alleges in his lawsuit that he was kicked off the council after he proposed making the school's prom gay inclusive.

The story may have gotten too big, too fast, and I believe the students, faculty, and administration at Alpharetta High School have found themselves overwhelmed. I know Reuben and his family have felt overwhelmed.

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Lawyer of victim in anti-gay videotaped beating speaks out against those defending alleged attackers

Gay activists with Change Atlanta met with the mother of a suspect accused of brutally attacking a gay man in southwest Atlanta and are now planning a town hall meeting with her and the suspect's attorney. The lawyer representing the victim, however, believes their approach is not helpful to the case that is being investigated as a federal hate crime.

Brandon White, 20, who is gay, was brutally attacked Feb. 4 by three male gang members who repeatedly called  him "faggot."  The assailants then uploaded a video of the attack on a hip hop website where it went viral. The three suspects — Christopher Cain, Dorian Moragne and Darael Demare Williams — have all been arrested.

CBS Atlanta was invited to the meeting with Change Atlanta and Dorian Moragne's  mother and reported on the meeting Wednesday, Feb. 22.