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Barrow deputy forced out after he uses Facebook to hate on Obama, gays

Lewis RusgroveWhen will people learn that what goes on Facebook stays on Facebook and can cost you your job?

That's what Barrow County deputy Lewis Rusgrove learned this week after he was at first suspended for posting incorrect info about his job title then forced to resign when an investigation into his Facebook postings revealed he called President Barack Obama "camel jockey" and "towel headed leader," according to a story in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Rusgrove was apparently writing about his displeasure with gas prices. Sure, they are pretty expensive and worthy of whining about. But then Rusgrove goes on to write, “Damocrats, blacks or African-Americans where is the outrage towards your towel headed leader.”

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LGBT youth blaze trails in Ga. high schools

Carly Baker (left) and her mother Vanessa Baker

As a 14-year old “queer” freshman at Apalachee High School in rural Barrow County, Carly Baker faces some tough odds.

She has clashed with other students who bullied her and her gay best friend. And when she approached her principal about starting a gay-straight alliance, she was told such a group wouldn’t fly in this part of the Bible belt.

But Baker, while appearing diminutive, is quite fearless and unwavering. She has armed herself with resources she obtained at the first annual Gay-Straight Alliance Youth Summit held on Feb. 19 at the UGA campus in Gwinnett County and is now researching the best way to again bring up her plans to school administrators.