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FBI seeks help in finding third suspect in anti-gay Atlanta beating

Dareal Demare Williams

The FBI issued late today a press release asking for the public's help in locating the third identified suspect in the videotaped beating of Brandon White. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has promised a $25,000 reward in this case.

White, who is gay, was brutally attacked and repeatedly called "faggot" on Feb. 4 by gang members in the Pittsburgh community in southwest Atlanta. At least one gang member videotaped the beating and posted it to a hip hop website.

Police have arrested two other suspects in the beating, Christopher Cain and Dorian Moragne, who turned himself in to the Atlanta Police Department.

The third suspect, Dareal Demare Williams, is believed to be hiding from police in Pennsylvania.

The full release from the FBI office in Pittsburgh, Pa.:

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Pushing Congress to regulate content over anti-gay beating not the answer


It was hard to watch, but I had to see it.

The video posted to that showed Brandon White being assaulted outside of an Atlanta corner store drew views from around the world. As of today, it's been watched more than a million times.

Local activists are understandably angry at the anti-gay crime, but a new focus on pushing Congress to regulate websites like is misplaced.

“I believe websites like World Star Hip Hop have a responsibility to report this type of activity to some type of law enforcement agency,” said Devin Barrington-Ward of Change Atlanta in a statement released today. Barrington Ward was an organizer for the Feb. 11 rally held at the scene of the video-taped attack.

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Brutal attack becomes rallying cry to renew hate crimes legislation in Ga.

Inside the JVC Grocery & Deli, a large jar of pickled eggs sits on the front counter next to a window filled with lottery tickets. On a recent evening, a young woman puts in an order of hot wings. A piece of fried chicken — a wing — sits alone on the warming shelf behind the glass in the deli area of the store to the left of the entrance.

Three men in the back right corner of the store, wearing winter jackets, concentrate on gambling machines. Two-liter bottles of Fanta, Sprite and Coca-Cola line the floors along the racks holding typical grocery store stock — candy bars, potato chips, milk, eggs, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid.

There is nothing that indicates this store, at 1029 McDaniel St. in Atlanta’s historic Pittsburgh neighborhood, is at the heart of a national story about anti-gay crime and gang violence, and has become ground zero for a new push for Georgia to pass a hate crimes bill.

Former state Rep. Douglas Dean, a member of the Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association, calls the store a “haven” for crime, an “eyesore” in the community filled with boarded up houses and empty storefronts.

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Ga. hate crimes legislation to be introduced in response to anti-gay beating


State Rep. Rashad Taylor (D-Atlanta) announced at a rally today in the Pittsburgh Community that he will introduce a state hate crimes bill in response to a brutal attack on a gay man.

Taylor, who is openly gay, was one of many speakers at the rally that took place at Iconium Baptist Church, located across the street of JVC Grocery and Deli at 1029 McDaniel St. where the beating occurred Feb. 4. The attack was videotaped and uploaded to a hip hop website and went viral on Monday. Atlanta Police announced today one arrest in the crime has been made.

The APD and the U.S. Attorney's Office are investigating the crime as a possible hate crime because the victim, Brandon White, was targeted because he is gay.

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[Video] Savannah LGBT activists speak out against Atlanta gay bashing


Savannah Pride's Executive Director Chris Brown spoke to WSAV-TV about the brutal beating of an Atlanta gay man and said this type of crime should not be happening today.

"We do like to think that we are progressive, and what happened there in Atlanta was disgusting and hateful and it sickens me to think that this is part of the struggle," he said.

Brandon White, 20, who is gay, was beaten Saturday, Feb. 4, by three gang members in an unprovoked attack. On Wednesday he spoke out about the attack and said he hopes what happens to him never happens to anyone else.

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[Video] Victim of anti-gay bashing says he wants justice, labels attackers ‘monsters’

Brandon White, victim of an anti-gay assault in southwest Atlanta

Brandon White, 20, who is openly gay, said he wants justice for the brutal attack he endured at the hands of gang members while walking out of a convenience store in southwest Atlanta. The men called him "faggot" over and over and posted video of the attack online.

At a packed press conference, White, standing at about 5 feet tall and surrounded by supporters and organizers, said he at first didn't report the incident to police because the video of his beating by gang members was “embarrassing and humiliating.”

But, he added, he hopes by speaking out – to the police and the public — he can help other gay people stay safe.

“I feel that I was very violated,” White said. “I thought that … if a straight person could walk to the store and not have a problem I should be able to do the same thing. I shouldn't have to worry about whether or not I should have to look over my shoulder or if this person is going to attack me or that person is going attack me for just being a gay male.

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Atlanta police, LGBT activists react to anti-gay beating posted online; victim urged to come forward

Atlanta police are urging the victim of an anti-gay beating posted on the Internet to come forward and are seeking citizen help to identify both the victim and the attackers in the brutal crime, which was posted online at today. Federal authorities are now investigating the crime to see if it is indeed considered a hate crime under federal statutes.

“The Atlanta Police Department is working to determine more about the attack depicted on this video, including attempting to identify the victim and the perpetrators. We are also working to determine if the victim filed a police report, or if police were called to the scene," Atlanta Police Department spokesperson Carlos Campos said this afternoon, in response to media questions about the incident. posted the video to its website with the headline, "Dead Wrong: Man Wearing Skinny Jeans Gets Sucker Attacked & G'z Throw a Tire On Him for Being Gay."

“Jack City, no faggots,” a man says at the start of the video. “Jack City” is an apparent reference to a street gang.