Candace Towns

Transgender woman found murdered in Macon

A transgender woman missing for three days was found shot to death in Macon on Tuesday afternoon. Candace Towns, 30, was last seen alive on Saturday and was reported missing on Sunday. She becomes the 25th tran...
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Macon Telegraph column: Same-sex marriage ‘harmful to society’s children’

Sunday's edition of the Macon Telegraph included a harsh rebuke of same-sex marriages penned by Macon resident Rinda Wilson.

Wilson holds no punches, arguing that same-sex marriages should continue to be outlawed in Georgia for a variety of ridiculous reasons, like the “health risks” of being gay and the “psychological harm” children suffer who are raised in same-sex households.

Wilson apparently had the honor of serving on a task force to help determine whether or not Bibb County schools should teach “homosexuality as an acceptable alternative to heterosexuality” to the county's children, so she's obviously an expert: