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Atlanta’s Lucas Mire celebrates CD release Saturday

lucas mire

"Following the Landslide," the new CD from Atlanta singer-songwriter Lucas Mire, accomplishes what can often be a difficult task: Many of the tunes deal with loss, but the album leaves listeners feeling more introspective than inconsolable.

"The album deals with loss and grief — mainly around the death of my mother when I was in my early 20s, but also about the end of my last serious relationship," says Mire, who marks the release of his third full-length album with a 7 p.m. show Saturday at Eddie's Attic in Decatur.

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Atlanta Cotillion’s ‘Cirque de Nuit’ brings big changes to drag fundraising tradition

Atlanta Cotillion

Now in its 12th year, Atlanta Cotillion is turning its old fundraising format on its crown.

The group has ditched the drag debutantes, tiaras and season-ending black-tie ball in favor of year-round team fundraising and a more inclusive annual bash to raise money for its longtime beneficiary, AID Atlanta.

In January 2013, event chair Darrell Burke, former chair John McGuirk and several past debs decided on an all-new format that kicks off with the group's "Cirque de Nuit," an avant-garde ball June 8 in the Historic Hangar of the Delta Heritage Museum.

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God’s mysterious LGBT multiplying ways

Crazy Christian

This spectacular video of Cindy Jacobs praising God's ability to spontaneously multiply things when she is in need — like spaghetti at a crowded dinner table — reminds us that God is just as good to LGBTs.

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What would you do if you overheard someone talk about your sexuality?

Bo Shell

When I went to take my "final drag," or the last cigarette of my day, last Saturday, I was greeted by my usually nutty neighbor and her friend cackling drunkenly on the stairs near our communal back yard area.

"Hey, come smoke with us!" she insisted.

I was ready for bed, so I politely passed.

I thought about the crazy things my neighbor had said and done in the past, as I often do when I see her.