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The 5 best (and by ‘best,’ we mean worst) Ga. Republican quotes on LGBT issues

Georgia GOP Chair Sue "Free Ride" Everhart isn't the only Republican in the state to spout off ridiculous nonsense about LGBT people. We hesitate to post this list today, lest you think these quotes are an April Fool's Day joke. But no, Georgia conservatives actually said all of these outrageously offensive, painfully stupid things about gay people.

Here are the five of the dumbest things prominent Georgia conservatives have publicly said about LGBT issues, culled just from the last three years of GA Voice coverage.

The Marietta Daily Journal deserves credit for first publishing several of these, a dubious honor for the city in Cobb County, which approved the infamous 1993 resolution declaring homosexuality incompatible with community standards — prompting protests that ultimately cost Cobb the chance to host events in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

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Sources: Ga. Rep. Bobby Franklin, who compared gays to drug dealers, has died

Ga. Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-43)

Georgia Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta), a Cobb County lawmaker who once compared gays and lesbians to drug dealers, has died, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Jim Galloway. The cause of death was not immediately known.

Franklin made national headlines earlier this year after making several anti-gay comments in an interview with the Marietta Daily Journal while discussing “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.”

"The Bible says it's a capital offense," Franklin said of homosexuality in the interview. "You want someone with unrepentant criminal behavior? And it's not just that, neither should adulterers, neither should thieves, neither should a lot of things.

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State Rep. Bobby Franklin refuses to apologize for anti-gay remarks

Atlanta's Queer Justice League

State Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta) said this week he “can not and will not” apologize for comparing gay people to criminals after LGBT activists hand delivered a letter demanding an apology to his office on March 8.

In February, Franklin told the Marietta Daily Journal he denounced the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

“The Bible says [homosexuality is] a capital offense,” Franklin said in a Feb. 7 article. “You want someone with unrepentant criminal behavior? And it’s not just that, neither should adulterers, neither should thieves, neither should a lot of things. The church is full of sinners, but we’re told in 1st Corinthians it rattled off the homosexual, the adulterer, the thief, the liar, and such were some of you, but you’ve been washed, you’ve been justified and so forth. It’s not what you were. You’re not punishing a thought. But do you want an unrepentant drug dealer in the military? Same thing.”

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LGBT activists demand apology from Rep. Bobby Franklin

LGBT activists hoping to confront state Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta) today at the Capitol to deliver a letter demanding an apology for his recent anti-gay remarks were disappointed when the lawmaker did not meet with them.

In a recent interview with the Marietta Daily Journal, Franklin compared gay people to "unrepentant drug dealers" and said that according to the Bible, homosexuality is "a capital offense."