‘Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ comes to life at Serenbe

Brian Clowdus realized there would be lots of complicated logistics before proceeding with an adaptation of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” as part of his new season at Serenbe Playhouse. But first things first—he...
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Revisionist ‘Alice in Wonderland’ has outsider appeal

Alice in Wonderland

As Brian Clowdus prepares to open his new summer season at Serenbe Playhouse next week, the openly gay artistic director of the troupe is particularly proud of the new take on “Alice in Wonderland” his company is unveiling.

He promises a version of the classic that audiences have never seen.

Based on the Lewis Carroll story, Rachel Teagle’s revisionist version retains the central characters but throws a curve into the action. Here, young Alice comes across a band of actors in her journey, all wearing masks, and she becomes the main character in a story that they dream up. Part of what Clowdus and Teagle wanted to do with this new take was to make Alice less passive in the story – and give her more to do.