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Atlanta Ballet hosts ‘Dracula’ ‘nite out’ for gay fans

Atlanta Ballet's 'Dracula'

When the Atlanta Ballet presents Michael Pink’s “Dracula” next week at the Cobb Energy Centre, it pays farewell to one of its most prominent members.  Openly gay Brian Wallenberg is calling it quits as a dancer. He has been with the Ballet for 15 years now, acting as a performer for 13 years and working as the social media coordinator for the last two.  His first appearance with the troupe was in 1998 with the show, playing Harker, the same character he takes on in the remount.

Wallenberg realizes that he is no longer as young as when he first danced the part. “My character gets beat up a lot in the show,” he says. “I had my first rehearsal and I felt beat up. (Dancing now compared to when I started), I have to take better care of myself.”

Two years ago he quit dancing on a regular basis but knew that he would be available for specific projects if they came out. When this one did, he was game.

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‘Fusion’ marks Brian Wallenberg’s final regular performance with the Atlanta Ballet

Brian Wallenberg retiring from Atlanta Ballet

As the Atlanta Ballet prepares to open the new show “Fusion” next week, long-time company member Brian Wallenberg has decided to retire.

A 13-year member of the company, Wallenberg, who is gay, decided earlier in the season to call it quits. It was a tough decision but one he knew was right. He is happy to go out with this mixed production, one he is very excited about.

“Fusion” is divided into three dances. “Lambarena” is choreographed by Val Caniporali and combines traditional African dance with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. It debuted in San Francisco 16 years and has been performed around the world.