This cartoon featured a lesbian proposal scene

Steven Universe has long been a favorite of anyone with two eyes, free time, and a heart.(Including a certain writer here at the Georgia Voice.)Since its premiere in 2013, the long-running Cartoon Netwo...
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Tea Party activist calls LGBT bullying ‘healthy’

Mike Ritter takes on school bullies

Homosexuality, like drugs and cigarettes, harms young people that experiment with it. Well, that's what right-wing activist Rich Swier from Tea Party Nation thinks, anyway.

Earlier this week, Swier posted a blog on Tea Party Nation, an online collective of conservatives and Tea Party members, where he claimed that harassing youth because of their sexuality, or perceived sexuality, was not actually bullying, it was “peer pressure” and “healthy.”

According to Right Wing Watch, Swier equates sexuality with smoking and drug use in an argument to justify bullying LGBT youth.

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