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Simon Williamson: Left out, kept out

It didn’t register much earlier this year because of the chaotic presidency that has scrambling journalists fixated on what “this is not normal” aspect of the Trump presidency to focus on (spoiler: racism, prej...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, March 29

1. The potential for including LGBT-related questions about sexual orientation and gender identity on the US Census is all but gone after the Census Bureau admitted those questions were "inadvertently" listed f...
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Why can’t Atlanta sustain lesbian bars?

Is it something about the particular women’s bars that have opened here, or is there something inherently different about the way lesbians approach nightlife? Either way, Atlanta is back to having just one lesbian bar, despite about two dozen bars targeted to gay men.

This week, Bellissima, the lesbian bar located at Amsterdam Walk in Midtown, announced its closure after a contract to sell the bar encountered problems.

That means there is just one specifically lesbian bar left in the city: My Sister’s Room, which reopened last weekend with renovations and new owners, and debuts a new sports bar menu this weekend.

This is down from a heyday of a whopping three lesbian bars in the Atlanta area in 2010, when Paris Decatur closed.

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By the numbers: Gay couples in the 2010 Census


Same-sex couples who self-identified on the 2010 U.S. Census.


Percent of U.S. counties reporting at least one same-sex couple, including 100 percent of Ga. counties.


Percent of same-sex couples who are two women.


Atlanta’s rank among large cities for the concentration of gay couples per 1,000 households.


Georgia’s rank out of 50 states and D.C. for the concentration of gay couples per 1,000 households.