Barney Frank opens up on politics and married life

Barney Frank has left the building. Last January, the former U.S. congressman from Massachusetts wrapped up a thirty-plus year stint making his voice heard throughout the halls of the U.S. Capitol, routinely...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Sept. 5

1. LGBTs and allies, among other celebrities, react to the death of Joan Rivers. 2. “Groundbreaking leaders often don’t come up with the innovative idea so much as recognize when the time is right and demons...

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes religious bias bill

Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed the religious bias bill. Nearly all political pundits were predicting she would veto the bill allowing people to discriminate based on self-claimed religious...
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HRC president: ‘We have to be smart and strategic moving forward’

HRC President Chad Griffin

As euphoria from the Nov. 6 general election fades, LGBT advocates look forward to continued progress in Congress and an upcoming Supreme Court decision on whether to hear several gay marriage cases.

The Nov. 6 vote was, without a doubt, the “gayest” election in the history of American politics. From four state-level gay marriage victories in Minnesota, Maine, Maryland and Washington to the election of Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.) as the country’s first-ever openly gay U.S. senator, equality advocates had much to celebrate.

But there’s plenty of work that remains unfinished. An all-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act, universal marriage rights for all of the country’s gay and lesbian couples and working to eradicate bullying of LGBT youth are some of the items that remain on the agenda of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT political group.