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Speaking Out: Readers react to DOMA decision and more…

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Beyond boycott: Christians, gays and Chick-fil-A

Re: “The personal is political for this gay boy and Chick-fil-A” (Blog by Bo Shell, Feb. 24)

"My sentiments exactly. I contracted with CFA corporate for some time, and never had an issue though I’m sure they read between the lines. The company put my sister through a private (secular) college for less than it cost me to go to Georgia Southern. They have principles that not everyone may agree with, but the actions of one operator and support of a straight marriage counseling event don’t make a company evil. (How many gay-only couples counselors are listed in this publication alone?!) Being Christian is not necessarily anti-gay, though I would not count on them to put a float in the Pride parade any time soon, but then, neither will McDonalds, BK or Wendy’s. As for the boycott? No skin off my back. I’m vegetarian."

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The personal is political for this gay boy and Chick-fil-A

My parents never pressured me into getting a job when I was in high school, but at 16, I found asking my mom for money more difficult than ever.

I needed a job to escape a truly horrific fashion moment.

I had just given myself a bit of a makeover, tossing aside my gigantic Jnco jeans and Doc Martin stack boots for more conservative Gap boot cuts and Abercrombie & Fitch golf shirts. It was all so expensive, but terribly necessary considering I'd spent the majority of my high school experience wearing glitter on my eyes, somehow pretending to be a glam rocker.

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By the numbers: Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay donations


Year that Truett Cathy opened his first restaurant in Hapeville, Ga. He would go on to found the Chick-fil-A national restaurant chain.


Current number of Chick-fil-A restaurants, which span 38 states, including 189 in Georgia.

$3.2 billion

Annual sales for Chick-fil-A, according to the company.


People who have signed a petition urging Chick-fil-A to stop supporting the Pennsylvania Family Institute, which is trying to ban gay marriage in the state, and other anti-gay groups.


Years that Truett Cathy and his wife have been married, according to a video from his son, attempting to defray pro-gay criticism of the chain.

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GA Equality calls for action against Chick-fil-A anti-gay donations

Georgia Equality weighed in on the Chick-fil-A donation controversy this afternoon by posting a link to a petition hosted on advocacy website calling for the fast food chain to cease donations to anti-gay groups, including Focus on the Family.

The fast food chain has been accused of donating to other groups, such as the Pennsylvania Family Institute, an organization that attacks the “homosexual lifestyle.”

Georgia Equality wrote on its Facebook page:

“ continues to pressure Chick-fil-A. You can sign their petition using this link.”