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Upcoming LGBT events in Atlanta

Atlanta Pride Less than a month away Atlanta’s 41st annual Pride Festival, scheduled for October 8-9, has set its complete schedule of events. During the weeks and days leading up to Pride weekend are dozens of...
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Who reads GA Voice?

The results are in from the Community Marketing 5th Annual LGBT Survey which was conducted in July. More than 30,000 consumers participated in the survey which appeared in 150+ LGBT newspapers, magazines and we...
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Under the influence

As I write this the stock market continues its roller coaster ride with every tiny bit of economic news pushing it dramatically up or down. Today, with some good news from Europe, it’s up about 200 points. Yest...
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This one is for you

As a media outlet our focus is understandably on our readers. Many hours go into planning and writing the stories we believe people want to read. We constantly update our website, relentlessly post on our Faceb...
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GA Voice fights against bullies

Last year, when we launched the GA Voice, the topic for this space was defined for me. It was our premier issue and I said something like people still need gay media, people still read, we have the staff and talent to deliver quality coverage, etc.

This year I have to actually decide on a topic. I could talk about the obvious —what a wonderful and successful year it has been, how proud I am of this team and how grateful I am to everyone who believes in and supports us.

All of those things are true, of course, but not particularly interesting to anyone except me and those I would pat on the back. And within a few sentences I have already said it.

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Milestones: Our Publisher welcomes granddaughter

The GA Voice publisher Chris Cash meets her first grandchild

Chase and Renie VanderEls gave birth September 15 to their first child, Zola Meriel, at Piedmont Hospital. GA Voice Publisher, Chris Cash, one of four grandmas to Zola, claims the child is "the most beautiful and intelligent child to ever be born, period." We don't dispute our Publisher's word around here so you can expect incredible things from Zola M. VanderEls... as soon as she learns how to hold her head up and feed herself.

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‘People don’t read anymore, do they?’

When I heard about Southern Voice closing, like many people, I was devastated. I felt as if someone close to me had died; like a friend I loved but with whom I had lost touch. Even though I did not know much about what my friend had been doing or feeling in the past decade my feelings still ran deep and strong.

Like any loss it brought a period of grief and a flood of memories. People and events that had not crossed my mind in a very long time were suddenly at the forefront. I remembered good people, not bad ones; victories, not losses. It surprised me that those memories did not carry a hint of bitterness or regret.

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Still on the journey

As we put the finishing touches on this debut issue of the Georgia Voice, I found that I couldn’t get the title of Sweet Honey in the Rock’s 20th anniversary album, “Still On the Journey,” out of my mind.

Indeed, many of the articles in this issue deal with journeys — literal, metaphorical, or both.