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Religion blog: Are Christian extremists that much different than foreign terrorists?

"I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." — Mahatma Gandhi

Maybe it is because I am getting old and my ability to just blow things off takes more energy then I have or it may be because Mahatma Gandhi’s observation of Christianity is right on the mark. Sadly in this day to call oneself a Christian has become embarrassing in the world we find ourselves living.

So if this blog today seems like a rant, maybe it is. However, I would like to think it is a call to those in the Christian faith who see the teaching of Jesus as far more important than the institution of the church, to start speaking loudly and clearly, as it seems the extremists now own the faith. I really think it is time for those who follow the teaching of Jesus to take back the conversation rather then letting the extremists destroy us.

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Pat Robertson chimes in on King & Spalding DOMA decision

You know you've done something right if you get Christian televangelist Pat Robertson in a tizzy. Last night on the Christian Broadcast Network's “The 700 Club,” Robertson blasted the recent decision by law firm King & Spalding to not represent the United States House of Representatives in the ongoing legal battles over the Defense of Marriage Act.

Robertson encouraged his viewers who do business with the law firm to have a “long re-examination of your association.”

“It is a law that corresponds to the belief of the majority of the American people,” Robertson said. I guess he hasn't seen new polling data that suggests otherwise.

Anyway, check out a clip below for the crazy (courtesy of

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Religion blog: Hell is just a state of mind

Here is a thumbnail sketch of what I think is wrong with the modern day church — ”hell.”

The modern church teaches hell, lives in hell and promotes hell. In fact the whole premise of the church has become do as it says or experience the fear of a God who will send you straight to hell.

The church will fight to the bitter end arguing that those who does not fear God will be sent to hell if they do not live in one accord to its traditional rules, polity and dogma.

The most recent target of the wrath of the church is Rev. Rob Bell. Bell is an evangelical preacher who founded the 10,000-member megachurch Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Mich. His bestselling book, “Love Wins,” challenges the belief of hell.

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Sunday services

LGBT-friendly churches host plethora of Sunday worship services