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Atlanta pastor put on church trial for being in gay relationship moving to Minnesota

Pastor Bradley Schmeling resigned his post at Atlanta's St. John's Lutheran Church this weekend and will soon take a job as senior pastor at a church in Minnesota.

Schmeling, who made national headlines for being put on trial by the Lutheran Church for being in an openly gay relationship, posted to his Facebook page on Sunday he had resigned and would soon be moving to Minnesota.

It's been a big day. With great sadness, I submitted my resignation as pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church, Atlanta. And with great joy, I accepted the call to serve as the senior pastor of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, St. Paul, Minnesota. I'm so sad to say goodbye to an amazing church community here in Atlanta, and I'm so excited to start ministry with another amazing church community. My last Sunday will be May 6th, starting at Gloria Dei in mid-June.

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Religion blog: “Wag the Dog” of Christmas

Well, we are six days away from what Christians have come to call Christmas. I find it hard to understand, and almost laughable, at how twisted and screwed up this “church” celebration of its founder has become.

I want to share this obvious observation: Even if there were some remote chance I could become Pope ... they would never let me. The reason is simple and it's not because of my progressive views of Christian theology, or the fact that I am unapologetic for being gay or even the fact that I do not believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God.

Nope, it is because I believe December 25th is one of the biggest scams ever pulled on humanity.

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Best Bets 11.11 – 11.24

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