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Creflo Dollar calls out fellow mega-church pastor Jim Swilley

Pastor Creflo Dollar

Dr. Creflo Dollar of Atlanta's World Changers Church spoke out during his Oct. 31 sermon against Bishop Jim Swilley of Church in the Now, after Swilley came out to his congregation in mid October.

Dollar, who didn’t use Swilley’s name specifically, said during his sermon that Swilley’s address to his congregation about his homosexuality would do more harm than good for struggling youth contemplating suicide.

“The Bible says that even the very elect will be deceived. Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, it seems like we’re almost there. Especially when you have preachers getting up in their pulpit saying, ‘I’m gay, and there’s nothing wrong with it.’

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Out gay Christian musician finds new path

Gay Christian singer Ray Boltz

Editor's Note: Unfortunately, GA Voice learned after our press deadline that Ray Boltz has canceled his concert over Atlanta Pride weekend due to a scheduling conflict. However, this is a great interview with a gay gospel singer and the ramifications he faced coming out. We hope you enjoy it.

Christian musician Ray Boltz brings his “Living True” tour to Atlanta for Pride weekend, with an Oct. 8 performance at First MCC with Azariah Southworth and Lynn Loosier.

Boltz sold 4.5 million recordings and won two Gospel Music Association Dove awards before rocking Christian music fans by coming out as gay. Southworth hosted “The Remix,” a Christian TV show, before acknowledging he is gay, too.

“Since both artists came out within months of one another in 2008 they decided to take their story on the road together,” the pair explains on the website for their tour,

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Fourth man files lawsuit against anti-gay church leader Eddie Long

A fourth man is suing Eddie Long, the anti-gay leader of megachurch New Birth  Missionary Baptist Church, first reported by the Associated Press.

The lawsuit was filed by Spencer Legrande, a former member of New Birth’s satellite church in Charlotte, N.C.

“The lawsuit said Long told LeGrande ‘I will be your dad’ and invited the 17-year-old to journey to Kenya with him in July 2005. LeGrande said that Long gave him a sleeping pill on that trip and that the two engaged in sexual acts,” the AP reports.

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Religion blog: Hysteria and paranoia over so-called ‘Ground Zero mosque’

By the time readers are done reading this particular blog I may lose a few friends, maybe a few church members and a few colleagues will finally have proof that I have "just finally gone over the cliff.”

Those who are promoting the hysteria and paranoia around the building of a mosque near “ground zero” in New York City are in the truest sense of the word “idiots." I am using this word in the modern sense of its understanding: “describing an extreme folly or stupidity, and its symptoms (foolish or stupid utterance or deed)."

Yes, for a pastor this is VERY strong language, however this controversy is an embarrassment to me as a follower of Christ, an embarrassment as a reasonable educated person and an embarrassment as an American.