5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 16

1. There's a new dating app for the LGBT community. It's called Winkd, and it works by allowing users to virtually "wink" at others who are in the same location.2. California drag king Jean Genie must drive...
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N.J. Gov. Christie says voters would support gay marriage referendum

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

New Jersey's Gov. Chris Christie took heat last week for suggesting that the voters of New Jersey be allowed, by ballot referendum, to decide whether the state should allow same-sex couples to marry. Marriage supporters in the state vowed to press on through the state's legislature, despite a promised veto from first-term Republican Gov. Christie.

“If a majority of people want it, prove it,” Christie was reported as saying. “Let them vote on it. They’ll get in the privacy of the voting booth and make their choice.”

The statement outraged the state's legislative leaders, who called a press conference to respond to Christie's idea.

Georgia's U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga. 5), an ardent supporter of LGBT rights, recently attended the press conference meant to criticize Christie over his suggestion that the marriage equality issue be put to the voters as a referendum rather than through the state's legislature.

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White House honors Rep. John Lewis

President Barack Obama held a ceremony today at the White House to award 13 individuals with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Among the honorees were former President George H.W. Bush, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, author and poet Maya Angelou, financier Warren Buffett, and Georgia Congressman (and civil rights icon) John Lewis (D-Ga. 5).

Lewis has been an outspoken ally of LGBT equality during his time in Congress. He's also a personal hero of mine. To see him receive acknowledgment for his work before and during his tenure in the House is well-deserved. Congratulations, Rep. Lewis.

Check out a video recap of today's ceremony below (skip ahead to the 30:00 minute mark to see the footage of Lewis):