Registration now open for Atlanta LGBT kickball league

There are just a few days left for Atlantans to secure their spots as part of the 2017 summer PRIDE Kickball League — registration for the season closes June 5. “If you have two left feet, you can play kickb...

Charles Stephens: On loving the work

Community organizing is nothing if not humbling. You have to have nerves of steel. I mean, it’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also humbling. It requires vulnerability on so many l...
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Team Friendly Atlanta seeks t-shirt design


Team Friendly Atlanta wants to start a community-wide conversation about HIV stigma in a way that's interesting — and fashionable.

The new organization that aims to dispel HIV bias is sponsoring a t-shirt design contest open to the public. Submissions for the contest begin are now through July 4. The board will select finalists and then open voting begins July 11 with the winner announded on Aug. 15.

“We wanted to bring up the topic of stigma and what causes it, why people are not disclosing their status, are not confiding in their friends, are not seeking services. This stigma has been going on as long as there has been HIV but we've not dealt with it like when it was first discovered,” said Randy Prophater, a founding member of Team Friendly Atlanta.