Petition: Shut down the (not-so) Secret app

The popular Secret app is one of the hottest on the market today. Recently, however, the app that allows you to tell your secrets anonymously has been the target of those who say the app encourages a toxic envi...
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YouthPride evicted again for non-payment of rent

YouthPride, existing in an apparent limbo because it still does not have a complete board of directors after at least two years of puzzling leadership, was officially evicted by Fulton County marshals June 28 from its most recent location west of downtown Atlanta in the Ashview Heights neighborhood.

YouthPride is a nonprofit dedicated to serving LGBT and questioning young people, but has struggled with funding and leadership. Questions over who serves on YouthPride’s board, and whether the organization is in compliance with its bylaws that require a five-member board, have lingered since GA Voice began asking about YouthPride’s leadership in the wake of the organization’s desperate plea for funds in late 2011.

The most recent eviction process began April 30, according to documents filed in Fulton Magistrate Court, after three months of unpaid rent.

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Atlanta Bicycle Coalition responds to Melissa Carter’s latest ‘That’s What She Said’ column

At the heart of Melissa Carter’s commentary, “Cars aren’t the problem with ‘Share the Road'” is a tired, culture war approach that pits drivers against cyclists as if we were different species. The outpouring of comments on her piece shows most of us - whether driving or biking - are beyond all that.

In the past, drivers in Atlanta viewed sharing the road much like Melissa does - I’m driving a faster, heavier vehicle, so get out of my way.

What Melissa and other old-school drivers fail to consider is that when I’m riding my bike somewhere, I'm not trying to get in drivers' way, any more than small cars are trying to delay tractor trailers on the highway. I'm just trying to get where I'm going - mostly work or my kids’ school -  safely and in a reasonable amount of time. When I was a newbie and tried courteously share the lane with cas, drivers routinely “buzzed” me, coming within inches at high speeds - a recipe we all recognize as poisonous. I learned to take the lane to protect my own skin.

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Georgia Bikes responds to Melissa Carter’s column on sharing the road with cyclists

Melissa Carter’s op-ed on February 15th, “Cars aren’t the problem with ‘Share the Road,’” generated quite a stir throughout the state. Fans of the piece applauded her targeting of people on bikes, while those who ride bicycles (or support those who do) expressed outrage at many of her opinions.

I’d like to set the record straight and discuss the facts about bicycling in Georgia.

First off, Ms. Carter says she does not “believe in sharing the road.” With all due respect, it’s not a matter of belief. As in every state, bicycles are recognized as vehicles in Georgia. Sharing the road is a legal responsibility as well as a basic act of courtesy.