LGBT Atlanta Best Bets for Feb. 24 – Mar. 2

Friday, Feb. 24 February's RITUAL Steampunk Party with DJs Seraph and Eschar is perfect for all Victorianaphiles and time-traveling enthusiasts. Have a go, invite your mad scientist consorts and wayward wome...

Food Review: Folk Art presents artwork on a plate

Considering that I’ve reviewed restaurants in Atlanta for 30 years, I have no explanation for why I’ve never visited Folk Art (465 N. Highland Ave., 404-537-4493), a popular diner of sorts that has been open ab...
Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee: Surrendering secrets

I confess to having memberships with numerous websites that facilitate random gay sex between consenting strangers. I will not be enrolling into rehab or issuing any apologies – to my family, supporter...
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Gay and 21: A field guide to hatchlings

GA Voice intern Sage NenyueI do not claim to be a doctor; just an observer of phenomenon in the natural world — a cultural researcher. Of my findings, I discovered a state of being that I call “21ism.” It refers to the disease that many youth succumb to upon obtaining “legal” status.

With bars being central to mainstream gay social life, 21ism is easily detectable by doctors and survivors of the age-based plague — which can last from one month, curing itself after a spell of experience, to 10 or 20 years in the less mature. It is highly contagious among 21 year olds, with frequent peaks in 20 year olds, less so in 23-25 year olds.

The following is a list of symptoms to keep on the lookout for:

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Flight attendant Steven Slater: Good for the gays, bad for the gays?

Flight attendant Steven Slater

America's favorite beer-stealing, air-sliding flight attendant is making my gaydar explode.

I've confirmed today, as others probably have as well, that Steven Slater, at least according to his MySpace page, is gay.

Of course, I suspected this the moment the news hit the airwaves, but this picture —which ultimately led me to his page — was the only proof I needed.