DeKalb judge comes out as bisexual

DeKalb County State Court Judge Mike Jacobs has come out as LGBTQ, according to Project Q. Jacobs, a former state lawmaker, is the first openly LGBTQ trial judge to serve on the DeKalb State Court bench. By com...
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[VIDEO] Ga. same-sex couples denied marriage licenses in peaceful action


Five gay couples lined up and asked for marriage licenses in Decatur, Ga., Jan. 7, and all were denied, as expected, because Georgia prohibits same-sex marriages.

The couples were participating in the "We Do" action, one of many organized by the Campaign for Southern Equality, which seeks to bring Southern states into the national conversation about marriage equality.

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North Ga. mountains home to high concentration of gay couples

The two Georgia counties with the most same-sex households won't surprise LGBT residents: Fulton County ranks first in terms of total couples, while DeKalb is first based on the highest concentration of couples. But three counties in the North Georgia mountains also rank high for the number of gay households per 1,000.