State Rep. Park Cannon and Dr. David Holland

Queer Georgia state representative pushes PrEP bill

Georgia could launch a three-year statewide pilot program to distribute free pre-exposure HIV prophylaxis — or PrEP — to men and women at high risk for infection before 2021, under legislation working its way t...
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Pushing Congress to regulate content over anti-gay beating not the answer


It was hard to watch, but I had to see it.

The video posted to that showed Brandon White being assaulted outside of an Atlanta corner store drew views from around the world. As of today, it's been watched more than a million times.

Local activists are understandably angry at the anti-gay crime, but a new focus on pushing Congress to regulate websites like is misplaced.

“I believe websites like World Star Hip Hop have a responsibility to report this type of activity to some type of law enforcement agency,” said Devin Barrington-Ward of Change Atlanta in a statement released today. Barrington Ward was an organizer for the Feb. 11 rally held at the scene of the video-taped attack.