5 LGBT things you need to know today, Dec. 31

1. Publix will start offering health benefits to spouses of gay and lesbian employees starting Jan. 1. 2. “Some boys know when they're 5 or 6 that they like men. For me it was fat.” A “chubby chaser” explain...
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UPDATED: Gay nightclub owner’s killing raises questions about sexual orientation

Durand Robinson was managing partner of a black gay nightclub and an organizer of events for Black Gay Pride. But was Robinson, who was shot to death Wednesday, gay?

As news of Robinson’s death spread, many who didn’t know him assumed from his work that he must be gay. His brother, however, says Robinson was planning to marry a girlfriend. And Robinson’s close friends and coworkers at Traxx, the popular black gay nightclub, say Robinson never discussed a girlfriend or being gay with them.

Speculation about Robinson’s sexual orientation is taking away from the real situation — a loving man was killed and police need to find the suspect, said Phillip Boone, Robinson’s business partner.