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They say blood is thicker than water, and I tried to test that theory out at DragonCon over Labor Day weekend, but the celebrity I’m related to doesn’t even know we’re family. My sister is the official gen...
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PHOTOS: ‘Like Pride and Halloween mixed together’ at Dragon*Con


Another Dragon*Con is in the books, and thousands of gays turned out over Labor Day weekend to watch or join in the spectacle of one of the nation’s largest costumed conventions.

“It’s one of the largest events in the world and so it’s great to come down and see people go crazy in that regard. It’s like Pride and Halloween mixed together,” said Mike Dillers of Cobb County, who came down for the weekend.

The convention draws roughly 50,000 people from across the country for a five-day celebration of everything geeky. From sci-fi to fantasy to horror, actors, authors and producers mingle with fans who often show off costumes or hunt autographs.

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Melissa Carter: Freaks, geeks and letters that jiggle

Former Atlanta Disc-Jockey Melissa CarterAh, it’s that time of year again, Atlanta: Dragon*Con.

Many who have never attended the convention see it as just freaks and geeks who like to dress up in elaborate costumes for a weekend. This may be partially true, but Dragon*Con happened to be where I realized something about myself that I had never known before: I have a reading disorder.

Besides parades and parties, Dragon*Con offers a large variety of sessions on everything from costume design to how to conduct a successful ghost hunt. Last year, I attended a session on graphic novels that included a panel of guests.

One speaker was a librarian who expressed his frustration at the difficulty he had in convincing schools and libraries to take graphic novels seriously. He credited these books with saving his education. As a child he had suffered from a learning disorder and the only books he could read growing up were graphic novels.

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Dragon*Con rears its head again

The yearly celebration of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror that is Dragon*Con commences this weekend as 30,000 dedicated fans converge to celebrate their shared passions.

One of the largest conventions of its kind, Dragon*Con is a weekend where fans can don costumes, play complicated board games and see and hear their favorite actors and writers. The convention plays out between four Atlanta hotels — the Hyatt Regency, Marriott Marquis, Hilton Atlanta, and the Sheraton Atlanta — over the Labor Day weekend.