Melissa Carter: Looking for A-list lesbian love

My sister is a fan of romantic comedies. They make up her entire DVD collection and she often watches them as a way to relax. I must confess when I watch those same movies I see something completely different o...
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Kathy Griffin goes bicoastal

Kathy Griffin

For the record, I’m not one of Kathy Griffin’s gays. I’m my own gay, my husband’s gay and your gay, dear reader; but Griffin I can take or leave, so I’m not getting her initials tattooed on my butt.

I appreciate Kathy’s status as one of our staunchest straight allies (though honestly, would she have a career without us?), and she can’t go very long without saying something bitchy that will make me laugh.

On the other hand, she seems to have a very limited number of subjects for her celebrity slander, and I get tired of her smug, self-satisfied poses after every joke that gets any kind of laugh.

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Spring Preview: Big screen light on gay fare

Bully movie

Judging from available information, there will be as many LGBT faces on movie screens this spring as on the committee drafting the Republican platform.  Even Focus Features, which gave us “Beginners” last year and “The Kids Are All Right” the year before, has nothing to offer.

While hoping for some surprises, we’ll mention a few titles that still should interest our readers.

Fresh from their Oscar triumph with “The Artist,” The Weinstein Company has two films with Atlanta dates to be announced.  “Bully” is the documentary about school bullying that’s stirred up a storm because of the Restricted rating that will keep unaccompanied youngsters from seeing it. 

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Last minute media gifts

The L Word: The complete series

Music, movies and books make great holiday gifts, and most can be ordered online — through local LGBT stores or major web retailers — to avoid fighting crowds at the mall.

Here are some options for your gay giving.


“Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album, Volume 2” (Columbia, 2011)

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Collections of small screen faves make great holiday gifts

As you gear up for holiday shopping, several gay favorite TV shows have released season compilations on DVD — perfect for snuggling on the couch and reliving your favorite scenes, or exploring a series that never made it to your radar screen before.

“Glee: The Complete First Season” (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment): “Glee” has become one of the third-rate network’s greatest assets. LGBT folks especially can’t get enough of the series, with gay bars all across the country regularly hosting “Glee” events on the nights that the program airs.

The irony that the anti-gay Fox should be home to one (make that two, if you include “American Idol”) of the gayest shows on television is not lost. That said, by the fourth episode of the insanely popular series, the gay issue is addressed with more sensitivity than one might expect when glee club member Kurt (out actor Chris Colfer) comes out to his father and to friend Mercedes (Amber Riley).