Photo of Atlanta gay family sparks online hatred

Atlanta gay couple Jason and Anthony Henderson-Strong are learning first-hand how vicious online bullies can be toward gay and lesbian families. The Henderson-Strong’s are the latest gay family to be on the rec...
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Atlanta gay couple makes Ebony’s ‘coolest black family’ list


Atlanta's own Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen III and his husband Rashad Burgess, along with their newly adopted daughter Caylee LaTanya Burgess-Allen, come in at No. 10  of Ebony magazine's Coolest Black Family in America list.

Allen and Burgess were featured in the GA Voice in February along with several other couples giving tips on what works, and what doesn't, in a relationship.

The two married on a beach in South Carolina in 2002 and then for their seventh anniversary, decided to get married where it is legal and traveled to Washington, D.C.

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Atlanta black gay blogger writes about religion in new issue of Ebony magazine


Darian Aaron, the Atlanta award-winning blogger and author of "When Love Takes Over: A Celebration of SGL Couples of Color," discusses his religious upbringing in Alabama in the April issue of Ebony magazine that is dedicated to Whitney Houston.

"In my Bible Belt community, I'd heard plenty of anti-homosexual stories, and I didn't know anyone who was openly gay. If I had mentioned my attraction, I would have been shunned. My feelings were also at odds with what I was taught as a Christian: Being gay is a sin. Whenever I heard that message, I questioned it, because something in my core told me it wasn't true," he says in the story posted in full on his website. The story is currently not found on Ebony's website.