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After almost five decades, singer-songwriter Janis Ian continues to challenge

Janis Ian will perform at Eddie's Attic in Dec.

Janis Ian was only 15 when her first hit thrust her not only into fame, but controversy.

“Society’s Child” tackled interracial romance, coming out right in the middle of the turbulent 1960s.

“People got crazy. A radio station in Atlanta dared to put ‘Society’s Child’ in rotation, and someone burned the station down,” Ian recalls in her 2008 autobiography, also titled “Society’s Child.”

“Strangers walked up to me in restaurants and spit in my food. … The mail I got spanned the gap between heaven and hell; one letter would thank me for bravely speaking out, the next would have razor blades taped to the envelope so I’d shred my fingers opening it,” Ian writes.

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Indigo Girls sell out

Fans can still join in the fun at Eddie's Attic by watching concert on closed-circuit TV feed