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1. Facebook has issued an apology to those caught up in the social network's “real-name policy” and says they are working on a fix to the problem. The policy led to the suspension of the profiles of numerous dr...

5 LGBT things you need to know today, August 29

1. One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles showed support for Michael Sam, the NFL's first openly gay player, by wearing his jersey during a concert this week in St. Louis.2. First they offered 70 different g...

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1. “I did not think this would ever come.” HuffPo has a profile on the lead plaintiffs in Illinois' successful marriage equality lawsuit, which led to marriage licenses being issued for same-sex couples startin...

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1. “I haven't felt like this. Ever. It's a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders. I can finally breathe now and live life happily.” UMASS basketball sophomore Derrick Gordon comes out, becoming the first active...

View all 56 of the new gender options on Facebook

Last Thursday, Facebook added custom gender options for users who don't identify as male or female—56 different options, to be exact. The company did not (and reportedly has no plans to) publish a full list of ...
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‘Baton Bob’ accuses Atlanta police of constitutional violations during June arrest

baton bob

“Baton Bob” Jamerson today accused the Atlanta Police Department of violating his constitutional rights during a June 26 arrest in Midtown's Colony Square. He made the claim in a message posted to his personal Facebook page.

Jamerson's arrest came on the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court released rulings on two cases involving same-sex marriage rights. News of Jamerson's arrest quickly made the rounds through local news outlets.

Jamerson says the real story of how the arrest happened, and how he was treated while in custody, shows an anti-gay bias at the Atlanta Police Department and a disregard for civil liberties and constitutional rights.

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[UPDATE] Atlanta’s Baton Bob blows up at ‘white lesbian bitch’ on Facebook

Baton Bob appears to be having a hard go of it lately.

The self-proclaimed Ambassador of Mirth, Baton Bob, whose real name is Bob Jamerson, is known for his salty language and has never hid it before. And for the Fourth of July he was out celebrating his independence when he posted to his Facebook page he was angered by a "white lesbian bitch" who apparently asked for a photo during a performance.

And it goes downhill from there.

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