Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter: Facebook oversharing crosses lines

OK. Enough is enough people. Some of you on Facebook have lost your damn minds. While scrolling on my Facebook feed recently, I saw a picture of an open casket. That’s right, someone decided the perfect time...
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[Video] A wish for the New Year? Equality for all families

Loves Makes an Family

When Zach Wahls of Iowa stood before the state legislature to talk about his lesbian mothers and the strength of his family while defending marriage equality, millions noticed thanks to YouTube. The video of his speech to lawmakers was seen by more than 18 million people and ranked by YouTube as the most viewed political video for 2011.

In response, thousands of families — gay and straight — submitted their own photos of their families for an online campaign called "Love Makes a Family" that calls for equality for all families in 2012.

Here's hoping the New Year does bring all our families joy.