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Stylist Joe Stuckey on fashion faux pas and must haves

Joe StuckeyJoe Stuckey is a stylist to the stars — he’s worked with Toni Braxton, Fantasia Barrino, several of the Real Housewives of Atlanta as well as Tom Berenger and Lance Gross. His stylings have been featured in magazines including Esquire, Grape, Essence Magazine, 944 and Jezebel.

Being around such celebrities and helping ensure their makeup, wardrobe and hair are just perfect for a photo shoot is exciting, to be certain. But “at the end of the day, people are people, whether famous or not, rich or not,” says Stuckey, 36, of Dunwoody.

In 2000 he started his own business before taking off for five years and then revitalizing it two years ago. He’s offered up some of the keys to his success as well as some of his tips on how to be fashionable even in Atlanta’s overbearing heat.