Money matters to address before tying the knot

Finances are one of the main stressors of relationships, so it is wise to enter your union with a full picture of each other's financial situation.   If you are unfamiliar with your sweetheart's cred...
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Finance blog: Top 10 reasons to refinance to a low mortgage rate

Here are the top ten reasons to consider a refinance even if you currently have a low mortgage rate. Some of them are obvious and some are not.


You are in an adjustable rate loan that is either at a high rate now or has the potential to go higher.

You have a second mortgage or home equity line with a high rate and large enough balance that if refinanced into a new first mortgage would save you money.

You want to use your home equity to make improvements to your house that will increase its value or "livability."

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YouthPride faces immediate eviction; legal existence of agency questioned

YouthPride Executive Director Terrence McPhaul

YouthPride faces immediate eviction for not paying more than $34,000 in rent, according to recent letters delivered to the nonprofit agency by attorneys representing the property owners.

The nonprofit serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth ages 13-24 has been told that Fulton County law enforcement can show up any day and ask the occupants to take their personal belongings and leave the premises.

"The Fulton County Sheriff's Office has been put on notice … and can knock on the door and ask YouthPride to leave the premises," Patt Cianciullo, a CPA who co-chaired a volunteer task force to look at the financial situation of YouthPride, said at a meeting Feb. 8 to discuss the group’s findings.

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Business Listings

ACCOMMODATIONS The Georgian Terrace Address: 659 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30308 Phone: 404-897-1991 Web Address: ATTORNEY / LEGAL Kitchens New Cleghorn LLC, Attorn...