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Travel: If you go, be in the know

The GA Voice caught up with five six gay former Atlantans who now live in other cities to find out what they are up to now and to get their tips for visitors to their new cities.

Happy traveling.

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Sex & Dating: Don’t or Do? Tips to solve your dating woes

Dating do's and don'ts for LGBT singles

Are your first dates not turning into anything more? Perhaps it’s because you resemble one of these misguided dating types. Let lesbian romance writer Fiona Zedde and gay sex and dating columnist Michael Alvear help you get it right.



First date? Doesn’t matter. If you are the U-Hauler, you want to plan the rest of your life right then. Are you ready to get married? Do you want kids? The U-Hauler thinks picking out baby names is the perfect first date conversation. But you may not notice that while you are rearranging your house to fit your date’s furniture, he or she is backing away from the table or texting a friend a desperate SOS.