Find a fun fitness solution that will stick in 2017

This year, resolve to do something different than trying to stick to the same workout routine that hasn’t stuck the last three years you tried it. “It’s a new year and you are reminded that you've got a new ...

Mastering mindfulness in the New Year

I am, seriously, writing this on New Year’s Day at the Ansley Starbucks. My gym bag is at my feet. I’m revving up with a triple-shot macchiato before heading to the gym to transform myself into the godlike crea...
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Health: Facing cancer as a couple

Patt Cianciullo and Maggie Lopez

Maggie Lopez and Patt Cianciullo have been partners for six years and are married in Cianciullo’s home state of Connecticut. Now living in Atlanta, they have spent the last two years coping with cancer through faith, hope and humor.

Cianciullo was no stranger to caring for a cancer patient when Lopez was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2010.

“Patt was with her one and only other partner for 25 years and for the last 12 years of her life, she battled the highest and rarest form of ovarian cancer. …  Patt’s experience from that was a tremendous help to me when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer,” Lopez said.

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Fitness advice from an ‘unapologetic fat girl’


As the author of a book titled “The Unapologetic Fat Girl's Guide to Exercise,” Hanne Blank is not one to make a New Year's resolution to lose 10, 15, 20 or however many pounds. She reads and signs this book  at Charis Books & More on Jan. 5 at 7:30 p.m.

The event is sponsored by Charis Circle's Founding Future of Feminism Program and a $5 suggested donation is asked.

Blank is one to encourage movement, though, and learning to love and respect the body you have.
She is the author of other books including “Straight: The Surprisingly Short Story of Heterosexuality,” “Big Big Love: Relationships Guides for People of Size (And People Who Love Them) as well as an editor of “Best Transgender Erotica.” She is also a classically trained musician and has taught at Brandeis University and Tufts University.

In other words, she knows her stuff.

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Get active!

LGBT sports leagues offer multiple options for fitness, friendship

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Health & Fitness: Get inspired

Need motivation to improve your health? Meet four LGBT Georgians who faced challenges and triumphed.

Jim SchumakeThriving with HIV: Jim Shumake

‘This is the best I’ve ever felt’

Jim Shumake, 32, learned he was HIV positive in 2007. Although he knew, as a gay man, he was more at risk than most, he didn’t believe it could happen to him.

“At first you don’t believe it, that it would ever happen to you,” he said.

But Shumake, who is a client of AID Gwinnett/Ric Crawford Clinic, said when he came to grips with the news, he chose to complete a “full 180” on his life and he’s now “100 percent healthy.”