Virgin Atlantic Launches First-Ever LGBTQ Flight

Virgin Atlantic plans to bring next year’s pride celebration 38,000 feet above ground with the world’s first-known completely LGBTQ-staffed flight, reported Pink News. The “Pride Flight” will take off in Jun...

Airline accused of making gay couple give up seats

Looks like the skies aren't so friendly—at least not for one gay couple. According to recent reports, the company Alaska Airlines allegedly bumped a gay couple from their seats last weekend, to make room for...
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Travel: 10 tips for better trips

Get your passport in order before your trip

Buy your air tickets on Tuesday afternoons. Fly during the middle of the week. Sign up for airfare alerts at  In the current world travel climate ticket prices are going up daily. Do not wait for a sale. There will be none.

Pick what view you want from your seat on the plane; it could be left side land or right side water. And choose port or starboard for your ship cabin.  A cabin facing west in the afternoon will be warmer due to all day sun, but it might be the land view.

When you enter your hotel room, walk around each room and look at the view. If everything is not just as you want it, go back to the front desk and politely request a different room to make your stay more enjoyable. It is your right, your money, and even your obligation to get exactly what you expected when you made your reservation. Hotels are eager to make you happy; upgrades are often given as an apology for your initial dissatisfaction.