Three home and garden trends for the non-green thumbs

If the weather in Georgia would ever cooperate, it’s springtime, which means prime planting season for homeowners and apartment-dwellers alike. But since not everyone was born with a green thumb, Georgia Voice ...
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Expert suggestions to get your yard ready for the change of seasons

Pansies can add color to your fall garden

As trees begin to shed their leaves for winter, experts suggesting taking stock of gardens and planters before the first frosts begin to crust over Georgia’s red clay. Maureen O’Brien is the curator of the Founder’s Garden on the campus of the  University of Georgia in Athens. She’s preparing for the fall push to prepare the historic garden and her plants at home for winter.

“Anything that is not shutting down for winter, not dropping their leaves… we’re making sure that there is proper moisture,” O’Brien says.

Georgia is experiencing moderate to sever drought throughout the state and O’Brien says that in order for plants to come back strong in the spring, they need to go into winter with the proper amount of hydration. Now is also the time to start clearing the summer plants in order to make room for the winter planting.