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The enemy of my enemy actually is my friend

Playwright and writer Topher PayneThe story was compelling: Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to protest the funeral of Marine Staff Sergeant Jason Rogers in my home state of Mississippi. Staff Sgt. Rogers was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan. The wackadoos from Westboro were demonstrating, as usual, because the death of American soldiers is the result of God’s persistent discontentment with the gays.

I don’t think their rationale gives God enough credit. I think if God was really so single-minded on an issue, He wouldn’t distract himself with churning up tsunamis, slaying soldiers, and bringing down the Twin Towers. Go back and read your Old Testament — if God gets the notion to punish you personally, he lets you know.

Anyhoo, an article detailing Westboro’s Mississippi protest plans ran in the Jackson paper, and folks back home were not pleased. They began making plans of their own.

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Westboro mocks NOH8 with new photo campaign

Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps hates the gays

Well, ain't this grand? Anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church has put out a video mocking the popular photo series NOH8 Campaign (featuring celebrities and regular folk showing their support for marriage equality) on YouTube called “God H8S.”

In the video, members of the church bear painted messages and duct tape on their faces, similarly to the NOH8 campaign, saying things like “God H8S Fags” and “God H8S Adulterers.”

Check out the video below. Warning, it's 25 minutes long.

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‘Hacktivists’ take on anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church

A group of “hacktivists” known as Anonymous has joined forces with an unlikely ally, another hacker known as th3j35t3r, in a coordinated attack on the websites of anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church. WBC owns and operates several websites, including, and

The congregation is based in Topeka, Kansas, and is made up mostly of family members of Rev. Fred Phelps. The clan is infamous for its “God Hates Fags” mantra and protests at funerals ranging from slain gay Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard to U.S. military members killed in combat.

Click here for our interview with Westboro members when they came to protest Grady High School.

Anonymous and th3j35t3r have sparred in recent months over the controversial media outlet Wikileaks. There's quite a back-story, but simply put, Anonymous supports Wikileaks and th3j35t3r does not.

It seems they agree on hating Westboro.