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Actor’s Express reaches $50,000 goal — still needs another $150,000 to remain open

Supporters of Actor's Express pitched in and raised $50,000 by the target date of the end of March, meaning the gay-inclusive theater can stay open. However, to be able to remain open permanently the theater still needs to raise another $150,000 by the end of July.

Artistic Director Freddie Ashley, who is openly gay, put out a "life or death" plea for funding at the end February seeking $50,000 in four weeks.

In an email to supporters sent out April 4, Bruce Cohen, board chair for Actor's Express, thanked everyone who made donations to the theater.

New plans to help with the second round of fundraising is a "Why I Love Actor's Express" video campaign, Cohen added, as well as seeking partnerships with foundations as well as donations from individuals.

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Actor’s Express pleads for funding, facing ‘life or death moment’

Actor's ExpressActor's Express, one of several Atlanta theater organizations known for producing gay and gay-favorite plays and musicals, is in dire need of financial support, according to an e-mail sent out today by Artistic Director Freddie Ashley.

“Our theatre is at a critical juncture — a true life or death moment,” Ashley, who is gay, says in the e-mail. “As you know from our many recent calls for support, we are fighting to make it through an extraordinarily difficult time for the arts in Atlanta.”

Ashley says in order to save Actor's Express, the organization must raise $50,000 in four weeks and $150,000 in the next four months.