Second arrest made in MARTA beating of trans women

MARTA officials announced late Friday its police department had arrested and charged a second person in the attack of two trans women on May 20. Luther L. Thomas Luther L. Thomas was arrested Thursday. F...
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Fulton County takes legal action against YouthPride for grant reimbursement

In August, the GA Voice learned that Fulton County is demanding YouthPride repay more than $18,000 of a 2011-2012 $40,000 FRESH grant for not providing mental health/counseling services as promised. The county is currently taking legal action against YouthPride to get the money back.

Cynthia McRae, District 6 administrator of the Fulton County Housing & Human Services Department oversees FRESH grants. The YouthPride grant began on July 1, 2011, and ended June 30, 2012. When YouthPride filed its final quarterly report on July 9, 2012, it showed the agency spent $21,296.92 of the $40,000 grant and served 42 of the required 62 Fulton District 6 residents required to be served, McRae said.

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Fulton demands $18K back from YouthPride for failure to provide services

YouthPride logoYouthPride did not provide services to LGBTQ youth as promised as part of a $40,000 grant from Fulton County during 2011-2012 — and now the county government is demanding some of its money back.

Cynthia McRae, District 6 administrator of the Fulton County Housing & Human Services Department's Office of Grants & Community Partnerships, told GA Voice Friday that YouthPride failed to provide the services of the $40,000 F.R.E.S.H. grant awarded in 2011-2012.

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LGBT domestic violence: ‘We have to start naming it’

Crystal Parker was found in her upstairs bedroom, dead with a gunshot to her head. Charged in her killing is her ex-partner, Danielle Parker.

Crystal Park was a corporal with the East Point Police Department and her death made headlines across the nation. But what exactly led up to the killing over the July Fourth weekend will only be known to the two women, who, according to their friends, had recently broken up.

The Fulton County Police Department is being tightlipped about the investigation and will only say the two were roommates, without acknowledging they were a couple at press time on July 30. 

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Did jealous rage lead ex-girlfriend to allegedly kill gay East Point police officer?

Fulton County prosecutors said an apparent jealous rage led Danielle Parker to shoot and kill her ex-girlfriend, an East Point police officer, over the Fourth of July weekend.

At a preliminary hearing today, Fulton Judge Karen Smith Woodson found probable cause on counts of malice murder, felony murder, felony assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony against Danielle Parker, charged with killing Crystal Parker, a decorated East Point corporal who Officer of the Year for 2010-2012. A bond hearing is set for Aug. 7.

Danielle Parker, who sat in during today's preliminary hearing wearing a blue Fulton County jail jumpsuit and shackled at the wrists and waist, is accused of killing East Point Cpl. Crystal Parker during the early morning hours of July 4; Crystal Park's body was discovered July 7. Danielle Parker was arrested and charged with the killing on July 9. Her defense attorney is Stanley Constant.

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Gay East Point officer allegedly killed by ex-girlfriend

An East Point police officer killed by a gunshot to the head was allegedly killed by her former roommate, according to the police. Friends and family of the officer are saying the two women were girlfriends at one time.

Danielle Parker was arrested Tuesday in the killing of Cpl. Crystal Parker, a six-year veteran of the East Point Police Department who was named Officer of the Year in 2012.

No motive and no specifics about the relationship between the two women were given by police. Police did say the two women lived together at one time.

Charlotte Cagle of East Point, a straight ally who is a volunteer for the annual East Point Possums Show, said Tuesday night that Cpl. Parker was gay and she and Danielle were dating. She did not know Danielle, however, she said.

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Gay rights flip-flopper Karen Handel runs for U.S. Senate

karen handel publicity photo

Looks like LGBT Georgians can expect another turn as campaign cannon fodder, as Karen Handel has entered the race for U.S. Senate.

The seat, left open when Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) decided not to seek re-election, has already drawn a crowd of GOP big wigs, including U.S. Reps. Paul Broun, Phil Gingrey and Jack Kingston.

None of those congressmen could remotely be described as friends of the LGBT community, but Handel's entrance makes the race even more likely to go anti-gay.

Why? Because Handel was our friend before she wasn't.

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New Year’s stabbing suspect released on $35,000 bond

Luke O'Donovan, 19, charged in the stabbing of several people at a New Year's party, is set to be released today or tomorrow on a $35,000 bond. 

The bond was set today in Fulton Magistrate Court. O'Donovan did not appear in the courtroom but some 25 of his family and friends gathered at the courthouse to show support. When they learned of his release from O'Donovan's attorney Greg Schwarz, they cheered in the hallway outside the courtroom.

His friends, who started a website and fundraising campaign, say O'Donovan was a victim of a "queerbashing.”

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Police: Lesbians started fight that led to alleged bias crime during Atlanta Pride

The two lesbians who said they were victims of a hate crime outside of the W Hotel during Atlanta Pride started the fight by calling one of the alleged assailants, a woman, a "stripper," according to a Fulton County Sheriff's Department report.

The incident, which took place in the early morning hours of Oct. 13, was an apparent fight between drunken revelers who exchanged epithets with each other, according to the police report released today

A Fulton County sheriff's deputy, B. Pride, working at the hotel as a secondary job, stated in the police report said he was asked for assistance to break up a fight on the outdoor patio. Some involved in the incident had fled the scene but the deputy interviewed two women, Kathryn Katalinich and Brooke Creef, both of Atlanta, who said they were beaten up.