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Gay Hall County businessman killed in robbery

David Sanchez, 46, of Gainesville, Ga., died Thursday at Northeast Georgia Medical Center from injuries sustained in a robbery.

Sanchez, who was openly gay according to his friend Greg Bautista, was shot while outside Victory Processing plant  on Memorial Park Drive in Gainesville. The Gainesville Times reports the Hall County Sheriff's Department said that Sanchez was with a woman when they were forced out of their car and then multiple shots were fired.

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Answers in Genesis takes offense to coverage of anti-gay billboard

Ken Ham, President of Answers in Genesis

I wrote a blog post on Tuesday entitled “Gainesville, Ga., billboard demeans same-sex marriage” that highlights a billboard on display just off Georgia 53 and the Atlanta Highway between Flowery Branch and Gainesville.

Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis (organizers of the campaign), responded to the article yesterday by posting a blog of his own, “Intolerant People Opposing an AiG-backed Billboard.” In the post, Ham calls out my journalistic integrity over my choice of wording in the article.

“It’s all in the way you say things, isn’t it?” Ham writes. “How about a headline that states, “Billboard quotes Bible on Marriage” or “Billboard quotes Jesus on Marriage.”

“No, a ‘gay activist’ newspaper wouldn’t want a positive message like that. Because of the obvious anti-Christian agenda, they show their intolerance for the Bible even in the headline.”

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Gainesville, Ga., billboard demeans same-sex marriage

Anti-gay billboard

A billboard featuring an anti-gay message went up last month just off Georgia 53 and the Atlanta Highway between Flowery Branch and Gainesville, Ga.

GA Voice reader Emily Perkins-Henderson spotted the billboard late last month and sent us several photos of the anti-gay advertisement.

The billboard reads: “The Bible speaks for itself on marriage. God made them male and female – Mark 10:6.”

The billboard goes onto say that it was “sponsored by joyous and generous people.”