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LGBT community forum debates next steps after anti-gay Atlanta beating


Despite concerns from some LGBT activists about the mental health of the victim of a brutal anti-gay beating in southwest Atlanta, the victim plans to speak at a press conference Wednesday and share his story, according to organizers with the HIV Intervention Project. Black LGBT activists are also organizing a Saturday rally in the Pittsburgh community where the beating took place.

Brandon White, 20, was identified late Tuesday by the Atlanta Police Department as the man beaten in a vicious attacked that was captured on video, posted to hip hop website, and then went viral via The Smoking Gun.

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Atlanta men videotape anti-gay beating; victim called ‘faggot’ repeatedly posted a video to its website today of an apparent Atlanta street gang beating a man the gang called a “faggot.” The video was posted on the site with the headline, "Dead Wrong: Man Wearing Skinny Jeans Gets Sucker Attacked & G'z Throw a Tire On Him for Being Gay."

“Jack City, no faggots,” a man says at the start of the video. “Jack City” is an apparent reference to a street gang.

The operator of the camera was also heard shouting “No faggots in Jack City, man” at least four times during the beating. The apparent hate crime occurred outside a neighborhood grocery store on McDaniel Street, according to The Smoking Gun website.

There is no indication of when the video was filmed.