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GA Voice fights against bullies

Last year, when we launched the GA Voice, the topic for this space was defined for me. It was our premier issue and I said something like people still need gay media, people still read, we have the staff and talent to deliver quality coverage, etc.

This year I have to actually decide on a topic. I could talk about the obvious —what a wonderful and successful year it has been, how proud I am of this team and how grateful I am to everyone who believes in and supports us.

All of those things are true, of course, but not particularly interesting to anyone except me and those I would pat on the back. And within a few sentences I have already said it.

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Print is not dead and neither is gay media

There is line from the 1985 movie “Mask” that sticks with me, though I haven’t seen the film since I was a preteen.

Told once again that her son’s medical prognosis is dire, the besieged mom, played by Cher, retorts, “If I’d dug his grave every time one of you geniuses told me he was gonna die, I’d be eating [expletive] chop suey in China by now!”

She could have given up on her son as an infant. Instead, she kept doing the work of caring for him, and the two had years of happiness together.

I think of that quote every time I see another headline about how print media is dead, or how gay media is dead, or how at least gay print media is dead.

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Happy Birthday to Us!

Our new print edition commemorates our first year with the latest in LGBT news and entertainment

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What happens when the ‘gayby boom’ grows up?

Lucy and Carter, the two youngest members of the Georgia Voice staff

If you turned out for the afternoon session of the Human Rights Campaign’s “Bowling for Equality” on Feb. 26, you may have noticed the two youngest members of the Georgia Voice team.

Lucy, age 11 months, smiled all afternoon as our staff took turns cuddling her.

Carter, age five, gamely rolled a few slow gutter balls, while also finding time to play “Angry Birds” under our table and spill a drink precisely in someone’s shoe.

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Atlanta ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign launched for Pride

Today, the Queer Justice League of Atlanta and the Georgia Voice announced a project to help bring hope to LGBT teens. Our press release is below; please join us at the Georgia Voice booth during Pride to help tell our community's youth that "It Gets Better."

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New issue on stands

What do Melissa Etheridge, actress Julianne Moore, Joining Hearts, and a former Weather Underground “political terrorist” have in common?

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Best of Atlanta winners revealed!

After two months of voting, click to find out the winners and runners up in dozens of categories, and join us tonight at Aurum to celebrate all the wonderful people, events, organizations and businesses that make Atlanta great.