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New print edition out today

In this issue: Q100’s Melissa Carter plans parenthood, the debate over an LGBT community center, the Atlanta Beat comes out, DJ Mike Pope, the best events for the next two weeks, and more.

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‘People don’t read anymore, do they?’

When I heard about Southern Voice closing, like many people, I was devastated. I felt as if someone close to me had died; like a friend I loved but with whom I had lost touch. Even though I did not know much about what my friend had been doing or feeling in the past decade my feelings still ran deep and strong.

Like any loss it brought a period of grief and a flood of memories. People and events that had not crossed my mind in a very long time were suddenly at the forefront. I remembered good people, not bad ones; victories, not losses. It surprised me that those memories did not carry a hint of bitterness or regret.

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Still on the journey

As we put the finishing touches on this debut issue of the Georgia Voice, I found that I couldn’t get the title of Sweet Honey in the Rock’s 20th anniversary album, “Still On the Journey,” out of my mind.

Indeed, many of the articles in this issue deal with journeys — literal, metaphorical, or both.