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[Video] Mitt Romney finally gets ‘glitter bombed’

Mitt Romney gets glitter bombed

It was bound to happen. Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney was finally the target of the much-dreaded “glitter bomb.” During a campaign stop in Minnesota, Romney was the target of not one, but two separate instances involving gay rights activists.

The mastermind behind the bombing was Robert Erickson, a Minnesota gay rights activist who's made a habit of ruining a perfectly good GOP campaign event by showering presidential candidates with glitter.

Erickson has targeted Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Tx.), former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and former Sen. Tim Pawlenty (R-Minn.) with glitter bombs during events in his home state. He also led the barbarian horde into the Christian-based counseling clinic run by Bachmann's husband in protest of the clinic's use of “reparative” therapy.

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Jesse Morgan: Girl, GlitterBomb! is the bomb for radical queer activism

Jesse Morgan

At 24, Jesse Morgan is a self-described “queerlicious dyke tyke” making his mark on LGBT and queer activism in Atlanta. He founded GlitterBomb! which makes a public showing at Atlanta Pride and has been active in organizing MondoHomo, Atlanta’s queer arts and music fest.

Born in the small town of Metter in south Georgia, Morgan works as a nanny for two children in Decatur while also studying psychology and sociology at Georgia State University with plans for a career in community heath for at-risk groups.

How did your queer activism begin?

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Gay ‘barbarians’ glitter bomb the Bachmanns

Robert Erickson and his gay barbarians

Who needs to be disciplined? If you ask Marcus Bachmann, it's gay barbarians, obviously!

A “horde” of activists, lead by Robert Erickson, took to Bachmann's health clinic in Minneapolis to protest Mr. Michele Bachmann's belief that being gay is something that should be “prayed away.” Bachmann's clinic has been accused of practicing “reparative therapy.” His clinic also receives taxpayer money.

Erickson released a press release on his site earlier today citing his motives: