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Out Christian singer Jennifer Knapp performs Thursday

Former Christian singer Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp, who won a Dove Award for Christian music before coming out as a lesbian in 2010, performs her folk-rock tunes Thursday at The Village church in Hapeville, Ga.

Knapp came out publicly before the 2010 release of "Letting Go," her first album in nine years, which had included a seven-year hiatus in Australia.

"I was just living my life in Australia considering who I was before God. It’s been helpful for me to take that time to become confident in who I am," Knapp told GA Voice in 2010.

"One of the biggest problems for (the fundamentalist Christian community) is that I’m unapologetic," Knapp said. "I think that they would be fine if I just admitted that I had homosexual feelings as opposed to the fact that I’m saying 'Yes, I’m a homosexual and I still have my faith.'…  I don’t and won’t justify myself or my faith."