PrEP drug priced out of most people’s reach

The HIV/AIDS-fighting drug PrEP is being priced out of most patients' reach. Although the drug has been out for several years, the cost has surged in recent times. As quoted in Plus magazine, James Krellenst...

5 LGBTQ things you need to know today, April 23

1. The Trump Administration will allow anti-trans discrimination in health care. According to the Advocate, "The administration will reverse a mandate of the ACA which bars discrimination against trans patients...
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Ga. now second in nation for AIDS drug wait list

A gay Atlanta man says he finds himself in a “perfect storm” of a broken economy, a broken health care system and being HIV positive.

At 50, he is unemployed, struggling to make his mortgage payments and keep his COBRA payments current.

“I just can no longer afford my HIV meds simply because of the massive co-pays,” he said, asking to remain anonymous as he continues to search for a job. “However, since I do actually have insurance, and since I do still own my home, I don’t qualify for any sort of benefits or support.”