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Pets: Products that pamper

OllyDog Accessories

Looking for something special to show that Fido or Fluffy is more than just a pet, more like a furry friend or family member? Check out these products that go from practical to pampering.

Heliotrope: • The Pet Set:

OllyDog Accessories

Visiting friends? Like to take your pooch to the office? Going on an adventure? With OllyDog’s travel bowl, treat bag and pick up bag, you can do it all in style. (pictured above)
$10.99 - $17.95 at Pet Set

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Heliotrope wants to fill your home with sun

Heliotrope's Tommy Barker

After 25 years as a buyer in the corporate world, Tommy Barker decided it was time to set up shop himself. In November 2006 he opened Heliotrope in downtown Decatur. He caters to a community that enjoys purchasing personal and home accessories designed with an out-of-the-box viewpoint.

The motto of his store is “good things for good people.” In 2010, Heliotrope was selected as Atlanta Magazine’s Best Gift Shop.

“The thing that ties our items together is thoughtful design,” says Barker, who is gay. “What I really like to do is find brand new designers with a different take on an item. I also like to support independent designers and local designers.”

One way Barker keeps up with what’s fresh and new is to read design blogs to find items he believes customers will want to give their homes an extra splash of individuality.