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Angel Poventud hopes to revitalize Adair Park with his home as a community hub

Angel Poventud

For Angel Poventud, what began as a home renovation project in October 2011 has become a vision for a full-blown community revitalization effort in southwest Atlanta.

“I really believed that I would be living in the house within six, at most nine, months,” Poventud says after providing a tour of his ongoing project.

There are no walls or fixtures. The floor is uncovered and there are pieces of the house’s exterior siding stacked throughout the house. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

But a new roof, a new interior frame, new windows and doors, new front porch, new primary support beam, new electrical wiring, new central heat and air ducts, and many other completed jobs show real progress on a house that once could have been condemned.

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Vacant commercial property becomes quirky, cozy home

Libby Quanttrocchi

Located near the corner of Boulevard and Memorial Drive, a small blue building with a beveled glass front window and “The Livery” painted over the front door is a splash of gentrification in a stretch of road most have given up on.

Right at the cusp of Cabbagetown, a stones throw from Oakland Cemetery and just a hop, skip and jump from the local Mexican food favorite Mi Barrio, The Livery — now the home of Libby Quattrocchi — was once a broken, vacant building covered in ugly graffiti.

The front door wouldn’t open. The back yard was waist-high in weeds that hid many strange objects that Quattrochi, who is gay, discovered when excavating.

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Home & Real Estate: Gay couples need caution in joint home purchase

There are many challenges for LGBT couples who buy a house

Buying a home as a gay couple can be a really rewarding experience and a savvy investment strategy. But those buying through a same-sex partnership should be aware of the unique legal implications of that kind of transaction.

Until the laws are changed to ensure equal rights, the concept of owning a house as a same-sex couple is different from home ownership as a legally married heterosexual couple.

Gay marriage is illegal in Georgia, and even those same-sex couples who get married in states where their marriages are legal may face rather extraordinary circumstances.