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Lesbian state Rep. Keisha Waites poised for reelection win

Keisha Waites running for office for a ninth time

State Rep. Keisha Waites, who is gay and seeking her first full term in the General Assembly, leads significantly in election returns for State House District 60.

With 78.57 percent of Fulton County precincts reporting, Waites has 62.94 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary, compared to 11.24 percent for Latrenka Riley, 12.84 percent for William Fisher, 9.95 percent for Antonio Lewis, and 3.03 percent for Gary "Pee Wee" Davis, who died before Election Day.

These results from the Fulton County election office remain unofficial. When current tallies from the portion of Clayton County that is in Waites' district are also included, her tally stretches to over 66 percent.

Georgia Equality, Victory Fund and Stonewall Democrats endorsed Waites. She ran for public eight times before winning a special election to the Georgia House in February 2012.

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Election results: Keisha Waites to become fourth openly gay Ga. state legislator

The ninth time was the charm for Keisha Waites, a lesbian candidate who appears to have won today's special election for State House District 60.

With 99 percent of percents reporting, unofficial election results from the Georgia Secretary of State's office showed Waites with 54.2 percent of the vote, or 321 votes, compared to 18.6 percent (110 votes) for Theresa Middlebrooks and 27.2 percent (161 votes) for Latrenka Riley.

The campaign was Waites' ninth bid for public office. She has previously sought seats in the Georgia House, Georgia Senate, the Fulton County Commission and the Atlanta City Council.

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Keisha Waites wants to ‘prove’ she can succeed with ninth run for public office

Keisha Waites running for office for a ninth time

An emotional Keisha Waites says she wants voters to look past the fact she has run unsuccessfully eight times for city, county and state offices now that she is campaigning for a an open seat in the Georgia House of Representatives. Instead, she said voters — and all people in the LGBT community — should know that her multiple runs for office signify a dedication to public service.

Waites, 39, a lesbian, brought campaign supporter Devin Barrington Ward for an interview with GA Voice at the 14th Street Starbucks on Wednesday. Waites is running against two other women in the Feb. 7 special election for House District 60, but has not been open to interview with the press in the past because she said she believes she is portrayed inaccurately as simply a “perennial candidate.” But by sitting down with reporters now, she said she hopes for a “healing” as well as to be a proactive contributor to a broader portrait of herself.