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Melissa Carter: Make mid-life your beginning, not an end

Melissa Carter

Seems now that I am 42 I should be having a mid-life crisis. At least that’s what I keep hearing.

Those younger than me oddly keep using the term “your generation” around me and I have even heard more than one menopause joke directed my way. It’s not worth explaining that the “Change” won’t come for me for another decade.

When I left the Bert Show last year, some even accused me of doing so because of some age crisis. So I decided to look up exactly what a mid-life crisis was on Wikipedia, in order to understand how to play my part, and found it is “a time where adults come to realize their own mortality and how much time is left in their life.”

You’d think the Grim Reaper baked my 40th birthday cake.

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Melissa Carter: How to keep from driving your partner crazy while out of work

Melissa Carter

I had dinner recently with a friend who was laid off a few months ago. Comparing the experience to getting a divorce, he said the separation from his job of 12 years was something he saw coming, but he just didn’t get out in time.

Blanketing his industry with resumes, he still has not been able to find work, and is fighting depression because of it. The worst part of it, he says, is the feeling that he has let his wife down.

Unable to give advice on the job front, I certainly had some feedback on how to make sure his wife didn’t resent him while he was out of work.

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Atlanta singer Doria Roberts starts lesbian Twitter trend after Fla. politico flap

Many of our readers know Doria Roberts as a local legend with her music and activism, as well as the good food she and her wife, Calavino Donati, cook up at their East Atlanta bodega, Urban Cannibals.

But many may not realize that Doria Roberts likes Twitter  (@doriaroberts). Well, when Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll was allegedly caught in a "compromising position" with a female travel aide, Carroll was beside herself and had this defense: "Usually black women that look like me don't engage in relationships like that."

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Melissa Carter: Vision, vanity and breaking my streak

My avMelissa Carterersion to wearing glasses comes from sibling rivalry. My older brother and sister needed glasses young, so this offered a challenge for me to see how long I could go without them. At 42, I still pass my driver’s license test without my glasses. But barely.

I am near-sighted. I think. Much like the debate over “affect” or “effect” seems to commence whenever either word is cautiously used, a similar confusion occurs whenever one gives an eyesight diagnosis.

I can see things near me, but the detail of things far away is blurry. I have a prescription for this condition, but find I only use these glasses in dark places, like a movie theater or driving at night.